Friday, February 5, 2016

UNC moves up

Since my last blog which was about two weeks ago, a lot has changed. UNC has moved from #2 in the conference, to #1. They have also moved from #6 overall to #2 in the new power rankings at the beginning of the week. Then, just from within one day and one big time loss from the #1 team, the Oklahoma Sooners, North Carolina moved to #1. This has happened because all the teams ahead of North Carolina when they were #6 lost to either low ranked teams or unranked teams. While I can't short North Carolina credit for not losing and playing really well, if it weren't for those teams losing, they would still probably be #6. They are playing at a very high level thanks to Senior Brice Johnson who increases the intensity a tremendous amount. I cannot short the other players credit, either though. Even though Marcus Paige hasn't been showing up, others have been stepping up. Hopefully we can move up to #1, but keep that spot also.